Bringing Back The Birds

For much of the past two decades, Chicago native Owen Deutsch has traveled the globe pursuing his love of nature and passion for bird photography. After initially retiring in 1986 from a twenty year career as a fashion photographer to focus on his real estate business, Deutsch reentered the photography world in 2002 and hasn't looked back.

In Bringing Back the Birds, that passion is perfectly captured.

This special release from the American Bird Conservancy showcases Deutsch's stunning imagery throughout. Additionally, insights written by a group of bird lovers, authors and foremost experts in ornithology such as Margaret Atwood, Peter P. Marra and Clare Nielsen among others make Bringing Back the Birds a new authoritative work for nature admirers everywhere.

Comprised of over 200 high-quality pages, this hardcover volume from Braided River will aim to define the science and care of critical bird habitat. Bringing Back the Birds hits the shelves on May 1, 2019 and will make the perfect gift or addition to any collection on the subject.

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